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We saw much anime, but Titan Attack is by far one of our favourite medium shows. This is due to the lore. We can’t get that enough! We can’t get enough! Immediately before we go on, we want to say that if you never saw Titan attack before, then return now as we’re going to plunge into pretty severe spoilers from here on.

We love the love of Attack on Titan, as we were about to remark. And when we found out that the Titans were indeed people, not only monsters, well, all that changed for me. We’ve been watching anime in my days, like Dragon Ball Z and One Piece, as we discussed previously.

But nothing like Titan’s attack has fascinated me, and we believe that all of it leads back to the titans, which are awful. Having said that, which giants are the worst? Right here, we have the answers for you. And if you disagree with us, well, “We have no time to consider if this is correct or incorrect. You can’t expect a nice ending for a horror story.”

Who Is The Colossal Titan?

Female Titan

We saw the Titan Female in episode 17 for the first time, but we have not seen much of her since then. We now know Annie Leonhart took the appearance of a female Titan, but honestly, she isn’t all that frightening.

But she’s quick. And one of her first appearance highlights was how she could come out and kick some Scouts out of the shop. Nevertheless, she looks the least threatening out of the nine Titans we are learning about in the upcoming season, on the show, that’s at least. What she’s like in the manga, we don’t know.

Attack Titan

The main character of the programme, Eren Yaeger, is the Attack Titan power. He looks pretty frightening with his extended jaw and angry expression. But he’s more like a boxer that removes his fearsome, inhuman qualities. The reason he was modelled on Yushin “Thunder” Okami, a mixed martial fighter. He is, therefore, in many ways, one of all the Titans’ most “human.”

Furthermore, he’s a hero of the exhibition. Therefore for him, you’re a root that is not at all scary.

Cart Titan

Who Is The Colossal Titan?
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All right, visually, the horror fuel is the Cart Titan. She has a long, nearly daggered face and is the only quadruped titan on exhibition we’ve ever seen. We met her initially in the “Perfect Game” episode, where she gave the Beast Titan rocks to hurl.

The only thing that keeps Cart Titan low is that we rarely saw her. As Season 4 progresses, time will tell whether she’s moving a few slots up this ranking.

Armored Titan

Just as the attack Titan modelled on the UFC fighter, the blind Titan, in Reiner Braun’s custody, is modelled on several other soldiers, including Brock Lesnar, a superstar of the WWE.

It also illustrates that the Titan Blind is an absolute beast. His pure brutal strength is what makes him terrifying. He isn’t climbing across walls. He runs through them! He runs through them! Moreover, every time I get these brilliant golden eyes.

Jaw Titan

We don’t see enough activity, but we don’t care what we told about Cart Titan previously. The Jaw Titan, whom we were only presented within season 4, showed that he had to be at the height of this list. This was so terrible at first.

We don’t know whether that skull is a mask or his face, but Jaw Titan would frighten everyone on the battlefield of the living trash. We don’t believe he’s like the Cart Titan quadrupedal, yet he seems to be running on every four like an animal. But he reminds me of Wolverine, and he looks quite a little. And can you envision a tall Wolverine skyscraper? Neither could we nor do we desire much.

Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan, which had once been owned by Bertholdt but now owned by Armin, probably the most famous Titan of all, is notable for its size alone.

But this is not all since he can materialise almost as he did once just behind Eren from nowhere. It is the thing of nightmares that could transform a monster that is very much the size of the Sears Tower swiftly and which was at your doorstep.

Smiling Titan

All right, therefore, since all of the Titans on this list were 1 out of 9, the Smiling Titan is unusual since it was produced with Titan Spinal Liquid as only one of the mindless purity of titans. Nevertheless, she is horrible to look at and has one of the leading parts in the series.

See, since she ate his mother, Titan Smiling is undoubtedly the spark of Eren’s path as a character. Just look at her, not only that!

Beast Titan

Who Is The Colossal Titan?
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Powered by Zeke Yeager, the beast of Titan, with its skinny limbs and wide lanterns, is so odd that only his sight can disturb me. And it doesn’t make him less weird if he hurls rocks like baseball. It makes him even timider if anything!

But it is the crimson eyes of the Beast Titan, especially when it smiles, that do it for me. The person inside of the Beast Titan is earnest and analytical, so it’s all the more horrifying to witness him relish massacring humans.

Rod Reiss’s Pure Titan

We observed the evolution of Rod Reiss as he grew up to be the enormous Titan ever seen. Rod Reiss was almost skeletal, so huge that he struck the belly literally and dragged his face across the floor.

But if the picture alone was too much for us, we had to turn off the TV when he raised his head, and half his face was missing. And we don’t think that much is said for a person who truly “lives” watching films like Cannibal Holocaust that sickened, well?

As we indicated at the start, Titan’s attack is our all-time favourite anime. But what’s the scariest Titan, you think?

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