‘THE BEIGINNING AFTER THE END’: Read the iconic webcomic!

‘THE BEIGINNING AFTER THE END’: Read the iconic webcomic!

Author of ‘The Beginning After the End’

The author of Kkeut-i Anin Sijag also popularly known as ‘The Beginning After the End’ is an anonymous identity recognized by his pen name ‘TurtleMe’. A graduate from Berkeley working for a corporate job is yet another worn out employee at a steady workplace who was seeking some kind of relaxation from his busy life. The writer found his escape in the fantasy world of webcomics, fictions or manhwa (Manhwa is a term used by Koreans for comics and webtoons). During an interview, the author said that one day he was returning from work and went to Starbucks for a coffee after a long tiring day and there he opened his laptop and started writing the first few chapters of his light novel, which was later developed as a webcomic. He used to write chapters weekly and felt the audience getting engaged on it more and more. With all the positive responses and also the critics, he got motivated to do better.

‘The Beginning After the End’ manhwa is a highly recommended action-fantasy bunch. As the comic grew a lot of audience the author was later approached by Tapas Studio, where he was offered to revamp his work into a webcomic. He thought about the offer and remembered that webcomics were the reason why he started writing in the first place. He agreed to convert the novel into webcomic and started working with Tapas Studio. The illustrator of the webcomic is again an anonymous identity working under the pen name Fuyuk23. Fuyuki23 has an amazing sense of strokes and color palettes which makes the webcomic a candy to the eyes of the reader.

While watching ‘The Beginning After the End’ readers ask a bunch of questions. And we will try to answer them!

‘THE BEIGINNING AFTER THE END’: Read the iconic webcomic!
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What is ‘The Beginning After the End’ about?

‘The Beginning After the End’ is about the reincarnation of a king named Grey who is now born as Arthur Leywin. Arthur somehow has all the memories of his past life as a king. He knows that in his previous life he was assassinated and that’s how he is reincarnated at a totally different place. He is reborn on a continent full of magical powers and creatures named Dicathen. The story is followed by his new life as a baby born with mother’s love which he couldn’t have in his past life. With all the lessons from the past life, the former King is determinant to live his new life as Arthur differently. It is an absolute pleasure to watch him grow up and the wisdom he has at a very young age. The story is jam packed with new challenges, new relationships and the magical powers he was born with. The author never leaves a blank spot as he continues to add new adventures and challenges in Arthur’s life. He meets a sweet monster as well and develops a strong relationship with it. Arthus builds strong relationships with his family and friends and enjoys every bit of it as he was lonely in his past life and didn’t have anyone to cherish as his own.

‘THE BEIGINNING AFTER THE END’: Read the iconic webcomic!
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The readers are attracted by Arthur’s journey and his growth as a very handsome wise man. His wisdom and intelligence help him to unlock his magical powers at a very young age. You will find Arthur grow stronger in every action scene as he fights off his opponents skillfully. This high-fantasy manhwa is a very detailed one. Whether it be emotions, action scenes or the adventures, everything is minutely detailed. There are a whole lot of interesting characters and some of them are annoying too, but magical creatures and dragons will make up for them and a fantasy lover could never get enough of all this, right?

Who did Arthur Leywin end up with?

‘THE BEIGINNING AFTER THE END’: Read the iconic webcomic!
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Arthur is an adventurer. When he was four years of age, he was lost into the woods of Elshire and accidently saw some slave traders who kidnapped the elf princess, Tessia Eralith. Yes! you definitely read it right this webcomic also has elves and did I mention magic? Continuing the story… Arthur made a plan to escape the princess and was successful with his plan as well. After escaping her, Arthur consoled Tessia and made a promise to escort her to her kingdom safe and sound. While they were on a journey for a week, they both grew comfortable and closer to each other. They grew so close to each other that Arthur even came to a short name basis, ‘Tess’ for Tessia and ‘Art’ for Arthur. To say the least and not giving much of the plot away. Tessia is Arthur’s love interest and their love sprinkles the magic of romance genre as well.

Overall, this manhwa is a mixture of all the genres and is proven till now to be one of the most watched webcomics. It is rated highly in the action-fantasy genre.

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Read the webcomic on official Tapas Studio website: https://tapas.io/

Other online links: https://mangafast.net/read/the-beginning-after-the-end/


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