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Tandav is an Indian political thriller series on the Amazon Prime Video, conceived, directed and produced by Gaurav Solanki during his digital debut. The ensemble cast includes Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Dhulia, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Tigmanshu Dhulia and Anup Soni. This series covers the dark depths of Indian politics, with people in search of power.

Tandav’s main shot started in October 2019, mainly around Haryana and Delhi at the Pataudi Palace. The show is filmed by Karol Stadnik and edited by Steven H. Bernard; Julius Packiam is the background score. On 15 January 2021, the series aired via the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

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Tandav Web Series Premise 

Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan), the dynamic leader of the prime political party, seems set to be chairperson of the PM. However, Devki Nandan Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia), the party patriarch of Samar’s father and PM, is still not prepared to retract him. Gopal Das (Kumud Mishra), Anuradha Kishore, Devkis close friend (Dimple Kapadia) are a few leaders who feel competent to take up the Chair.

But this Chair is never easy, and they must keep fighting for it all the time. A parallel storey is about the idealistic campus activist Shiva Shekhar, who becomes an icon for the night while brilliant at a political gathering. Now Shiva wants to bring about the change, influence young people, overthrow the pillars of power—he understands how sweet power is. And power corrupts. 

As nation politics go alongside youth politics, Shiva and Samar will meet. Tandav collects manipulations that reveal the layers of human covetousness, ambition, love, fragility and violence.

Tandav Web Series Plot Details

Tandav Web Series Download Results For You
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Shiva is a student in VNU close to Malakpur, where farmers protest against the construction of a factory and roadway. The police are starting to confront protesters and shoot them, killing the two. Imran was a friend of Shiva’s, who also participated in the protest. Shiva and his pals rescue him, but the police refuse to call several officers to beat Shiva and the other university students who arrived. 

Meanwhile, Samar is a new-found politician and JLD Party member who will be in his third term headed by his father, Devki Nandan Singh, who is currently Prime Minister. Devki wishes to appoint Defense Minister Raghu, son of Anuradha, but Samar wants to offer the position to the pilot Aditi. In the night, Samar delivers Devki a glass of wine drugged and killed by Aconite. Devki’s calling Anuradha as he dies, but he can’t get to her.

Police threaten the VNU students in the station to state that the students have beaten up three police officers without justification. Shiva visits Imran, anxious to get his name tied to a terrorist organisation by the media. Shiva develops a false film on the protesters’ protesters and the protests in Malakpur trend social media outlets.

Samar and his wife cleaned up Devki’s office to make it look like he was dead from a heart attack. News spreads like wildfire about Devki’s death. Samar is preparing for the burial and is also discussing support with other members of JLD. In his capacity as new Prime Minister, Gopal Das, Devki’s right hand, is calling on Samar to back him. 

Samar says he will ponder about it, but he spreads the storey by announcing that Gopal Das began running for Prime Minister, embarrassing Devki, in his eyes, practically immediately after his death. Gopal Das informs the media that he does not plan on running for Prime Minister to safeguard his reputation.

Anuradha told Samar after Devki’s funeral that he would back her to be a prime minister, knowing that he killed Devki with Aconite. Anuradha’s secretary Maithili Sharan receives a call from an unknown number, and the man chokes her on the essential details. Gurpal Chauhan, Samar’s right man, sends Sharat to a physician’s residence to snoop on his social media cell. 

Professor Jigar Sampath is on the verge of divorce from Professor Sandhya Nigam. Malekpour farmers come to VNU to encourage Shiva Shekhar. At the same time, members of the JLD party have to make significant decisions in the JLD headquarters. Inspector Narendra Jhakar of Mahant Kunj Police Station is taking over and assisting the case of the VNU students. At the National News Network, Garima Deswal invites Shiva to participate in a panel discussion where he met Aditi Mishra, another JLD member. 

Later, Malakpur farmers came again to the VNU to thank Shiva for making an order from the government to work on their land. Students Association of India (SAI) members suggest their respective candidates at VNU on their appointments. VNU campaigning continues with all parties competing for votes. VNU campaigning Members of the SAI seek their missing college mate and subsequently reach the police station Mahant Kunj to register a report.

The party portfolios of various JLD members are dispersed. All ministers are being sworn in, while dramatic events are taking place with the missing SAI member at the same time. A leading SAI member withdraws his appointment. An unidentified caller calls for a critical piece of information from Garima. Garima asks Ajay the same questions. Samar comes to VNU and speaks with the students, and stands with them. 

The VNU students are waging a big fight. Gurpal encounters its informer, Chhote Lal, who delivers crucial information to him at the Indian International Center of Medical Sciences (IICMS). Gurpal views IICMS CCTV images and spots several essential things. To get the proper CBI investigation of the case, Sana Mir and Shiva asked Samar. To meet him, Shiva goes to the house of Samar, and Maithili looks for the anonymous caller but instead discovers someone else. Home Secretary Kailash Kumar is in line outside the place of the Reporters. 

The critical news Sandhya delivers him. VNU students ask for the postponement of election officers. Shiva gives a speech at Vivekananda Statue and provides an important announcement. A person unknown to Sana receives threats. Amit Mewani and Shiva hold a presidential discussion at the VNU. VNU Election Day, all students vote for a presidential candidate of their choice.

A member of the SAI is admitted to the clinic to visit others. Any news outlet reports on her, Anuradha Kishore strikes tragedy. The discourse of victory at VNU, which is decided to meet by Sana and Shiva. JLD’s press conference for an announcement.

Tandav Web Series Download Results For You
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Tandav Web Series Cast Details

  • Saif Ali Khan is Samar Pratap Singh
  • Dimple Kapadia is Anuradha Kishore
  • Sunil Grover is Gurpal Singh
  • Kumud Misra is Gopal Das Munshi
  • Tigmanshu Dhulia is Devki Nandan Singh
  • Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is Shiva Shekhar
  • Parv Kaila is Vishal Awasthi
  • Anup Soni is Kailash Kumar
  • Sarah Jane Dias is Ayesha Pratap Singh
  • Priyal Mahajan is Rhea Pratap Singh
  • Neha Hinge is Garima Deswal
  • Paresh Pahuja is Raghu Kishore Singh
  • Kritika Kamra is Sana Mir
  • Gauahar Khan is Maithili Sharan
  • Kritika Avasthi is Richa Avasthi
  • Tasneem Khan is Disha Kapoor
  • Dino Morea is Professor Jigar Sampath
  • Sandhya Mridul is Professor Sandhya Nigam
  • Shonali Nagrani is Aditi Mishra
  • Amyra Dastur is Ada Mir
  • Hiten Tejwani is Ajay Ahluwalia
  • Sukhmani Sadana is Divya Ahluwalia
  • Jaimin Panchal is Protestor in VNU
  • Bhavna Choudhary is Preeti Singh

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