Science fiction movies are the bread and butter of SF Movie Explorers. We always crave food for thought.

This imagination tickling miscellany is dedicated to all you eager SF Movie Explorers scattered throughout cyberspace who share a passion for science fiction movies, have tons of curiosity, love to explore, ask questions and seek answers.

Let’s go exploring! It is so exciting. I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

You are a Science Fiction Movie Explorer if…

  • …. if but a glimpse of a science fiction movie is enough to red alert your gray cells even when you are dead tired and lying zoned out on the floor. – Ahh, memories!
Step into the World of Science Fiction Movies and Explore
Step into the World of Science Fiction Movies and Explore
  • …. if, when you are asked to select a movie, your hand somehow gravitates to that special place and, oddly enough, always ends up picking an SF movie. – Can’t explain it either, very mysterious.
  • …. if you watch SF movies over and over again to a point where you can project them onto your closed eyelids. – That I call a home cinema.
  • …. if you name your computer, pet, plant, car, tree after an SF movie character, alien or robot. – Sit Darth! Attaboy! Now fetch me that SF movie!
  • …. if your surroundings “fade out” when you watch SF movies, your gaze glued to the screen and your friends/partner/ family have to call out your name at least 3 times to get your attention. – Guilty as charged.
  • …. if your eyes glow every time you talk about the SF genre. – What can I say, exactly like radioactive tomatoes in the dark?
  • …. if you have the unstoppable need after you have watched an SF movie, to check the facts, examine all details, and explore all the possible aspects. – Abstaining from eating, sleeping, breathing.
  • …. if SF movies are not just movies to you and you love them with the “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till…” kind of love. – You are truly blessed, my friend.
  • …. if you see aliens and robots and spaceships in the shapes of clouds and KNOW that everything in the universe is somehow mystically connected to SF movies. – You too? Ahh, give me a hug!

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