Sid 6.7 – A Killer Born

Sid 6.7 - A Killer Born
Sid 6.7 - A Killer Born

Superbly played by Russell Crow, Sid 6.7, in the movie Virtuosity is Sadistic, Intelligent, and Dangerous, which makes him one of the creepiest on-screen androids of all time.

He opens shop at Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Center (LETAC), as a virtual character created for the police training program.

To design the ultimate criminal, and a worthy opponent to the police officers of the future, Lindenmayer, brilliant yet amoral programmer, cherry-picked 183 meanest criminals, terrorists, outlaws and murderers from all over the world, and from different historical eras, and with help of genetic algorithms merged their personalities, bad table manners and childhood memories (yikes!).

In Sid’s head – character module, to be exact – you can find a little bit of Attila the Hun, Al Capone, John Wayne Gacy, Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Josef Mengele, Benito Mussolini, Rasputin, Erzsebet Bathory, Ted Bundy, Ivan the Terrible, Jesse James, Baby Face Nelson, Lucky Luciano, Donald Harvey, to mention just a few.

Sid 6.7 - A Killer Born
Sid 6.7 – A Killer Born

Also, there are some fictional baddies, which appear in the movie, like the political criminal Matthew Grimes.

Once faced with the grim prospect of losing his job – a matter of life and death for him (no pun intended) – Sid 6.7 does what every self-sufficient, highly-evolved, and fast-evolving, android would do.

He concocts a devious plan involving the assistance of his creator which will free him from the virtual world. Apparently, Clyde Reilly at another LETAC’s department has devised a way of transferring a virtual person into a nano-tech android. Clyde also has a soft spot for another virtual character, the sexy babe Sheila 3.2, whom he would love to meet in the flesh (catch my drift? ;).

Lindenmayer easily persuades Clyde to test this nanotechnology and create Sheila, but deliberately gives him the wrong character module. Reilly, unaware of deceit, drops the character module into a thick pale blue liquid swarming with nanorobots and initiates the incubation process.

After 12 hours Sid 6.7, nano-tech synthetic organism, is born. Instantly he goes on a rampage all the while delivering sinister lines that reveal his penchant for classical music. Oddly enough, this unexpected touch of sophistication makes him so much scarier than your basic rough-and-ready slasher.


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