Sex with Aliens in Science Fiction Movies


Sex with aliens has been a staple of the genre ever since its inception and has appeared in many guises and incarnations in science fiction movies. By turns, quirky, gross, terrifying, romantic, it captured the imagination of movie makers and audiences alike.

Let’s look at some notable examples.

The Starman is gentle, funny, disarming and vulnerable. You can find these adjectives attached to the noun “man” only in the Personal Ads. Equally good at defusing an argument and reviving dead animals. Loves apple-pie and whipped cream. They don’t come sweeter than this.

The prodigy from Crypton is another example of a romantic alien lover. After many roles: bespectacled well-meaning klutz, a lonely demi-god, the most eligible bachelor among the superheroes, the “man (alien) of steel” seems to have finally come to embrace his humanity. When we last see him he looks ready and willing to make some major commitments. It will be interesting to see how he juggles the new-found responsibilities with his daytime job.

The Fifth Element gives you a fresh take on the Beauty and the Beast theme. To his credit, Corben Dallas is chasing the first kiss halfway across the galaxy, and before he gets it he fights the nasty space terrorists, criminals, and all kinds of cosmic low life, including a very, very unpleasant alien entity that wants to end all life. But, hey, it’s not just any kiss, and it’s not just any woman.

Sex with Aliens in Science Fiction Movies
Sex with Aliens in Science Fiction Movies

On a different note, the sultry alien seductress Sil from the Species is an example of a very sexy and very deadly alien. Alien having sex with human, alien having sex with another alien. Nothing is left to the imagination in the sizzling world of the Species and its sequels. If you can take it all, of course.
Did you see Lifeforce? If you didn’t just so you know, don’t trust a woman who walks around stark naked and wants to have sex with you on sight. She may be straight out of a looney bin or she may just be a deadly life-sucking alien of vampire variety.

Who says alien seduction can only land you in a trash can? Take a look at Galaxy Quest. There you have a very hot alien seductress, who happens to be very much in love with a human. Just bear in mind the old saw, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re in the mood for some laughs? As far as sex with aliens goes it doesn’t get funnier, or safer, than this.

Actually, it does, if you happen to be watching Coneheads, which is yet another movie featuring very harmless and very amusing take on alien sex, to whit, even aliens can get jealous especially if they suspect their spouse for cheating on them with humans.

Talk about marital sex and aliens and immediately Slither springs to mind. It is a black comedy I would recommend to all married couples. Works like the Ten Steps You Can Do When Your Marriage Starts Falling Apart. Believe me, you’ll have lots of laughs, and shrieks, with Grant and Starla.

Aliens meets Dawson’s Creek, or The Faculty and steamy locker room romance with a difference. When I first saw The Faculty it finally dawned on me why I had never screwed up the nerve to peek into girls’ showers. All the guys in the class had done it. Not I. Then twenty years later it came to me. I was afraid I might see her! The sexiest babe in the school shedding her human guise.

Another thing springs to mind when it comes to adolescent fantasies – well, of course, sex with your teacher. Is there a healthy adolescent who never dreamed about this? Luckily there are still fewer of us who have actually done it. Just see what happens to the dude in The Faculty.

Say what you like about sex with aliens in science fiction movies, whether it is humans having sex with aliens or aliens having sex with other aliens or aliens doing whatever, one thing is certain. Sex, love, romance, mating instinct, call it what you want, it remains one of the most powerful forces in this or any universe.


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