Science fiction romance movies have melted the hearts of their viewers for decades despite rumors that these two genres don’t mix well. SF films are filled with beautiful love stories, big ones, and small ones, funny and tragic and many of them are wonderfully complex. Like life itself. 

They aren’t limited by time or place or imagination as they explore a human capacity for love. With them, you always get something more, and, surely, the SF genre brings some interesting matches.

The well known girl-meets-boy stories are spiced up with unusual love interests and situations. Love can bridge over great differences bringing together humans, aliens, androids, and cyborgs.

But, in this world, romance is really about flowers and butterflies. Cupid finds heroes and heroines when they least expect it, often in the midst of a major catastrophe.

Science Fiction Romance Movies - Expanding the Boundaries of Love
Science Fiction Romance Movies – Expanding the Boundaries of Love

But when love does find them, they hold it tight and fight for it despite terrible odds. On the road to happiness, they face much more complicated obstacles than fear of rejection or jealousy.

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Really nasty dystopian societies, time-traveling killer robots, or the end of the world in the form of natural disasters or giant meteors all line up to keep our lovers apart.

Especially true for dystopias where love is often the only gift sweethearts can give to each other and it is never taken lightly. In societies of the future Love becomes a shield against inhumanity, prejudice, and oppression. Freedom to choose, freedom to feel, freedom to live.

But can you imagine anyone or anything wins against Love?

The powerful force that holds the universe together and makes quite a firework when added to the
other four classical elements? No, neither can I.


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