Science Fiction Movie Themes

Science Fiction Movie Themes
Science Fiction Movie Themes

SF genre is a beautiful treasure trove as it covers such a broad range of titillating science fiction movie themes. It makes my mouth water just to think of all those ideas and sub-genres waiting to be closely examined.

Science Fiction Theater

Here you can watch several episodes of the Science Fiction Theater, which aired between 1955 and 1957.
By the way, this is George McFly’s (Back to the Future) favorite show. It was because of this show that he almost missed the Enchantment Under the Sea party. But, as we all know, Marty “convinced” him otherwise. 🙂

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Science Fiction Movie Themes
Science Fiction Movie Themes

As you know, we mentioned a few major themes when we played with the definition of science fiction movies and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Below is a more detailed list of topics and subtopics and as we dig deeper there is bound to be a few more to add. If you find a topic gem that is missing from the list send it our way and we will be more than happy to include it.

Science fiction movies usually combine two or more grand ideas – some you will find on our list. They create spellbinding worlds that have the power to stick in our minds long after we saw the movie.

It is always fun to uncover the hidden layers of meaning, to track down the intricate patterns science fiction movies make as they move against the vast canvass of imagination.

As we go on exploring science fiction worlds often take a life of their own. New ideas spring to mind and off we go riding another wave of inspiration!

That’s what makes this genre so thought-provoking and so unique.


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