Good to see predators are back – and it has been twenty-three years since the 80s classic. The movie is directed by Nimrod Antal, a talented Hungarian-American filmmaker. We can truly call this a sequel to the original movie and Predator2 – AVP and AVP: Requiem, while interesting each in their turn as an attempt at crossover, clearly belongs to another universe.

Review by Electron the Science Nerd
December 29, 2010

Director: Nimród Antal

Alex Litvak, Michael Finch, Jim, and John Thomas

Adrien Brody as Royce
Laurence Fishburne as Noland
Alice Braga as Isabelle
Danny Trejo as Cuchillo
Topher Grace as Edwin

Released: 2010

Royce: We’re being hunted. The cages. The soldier. All of us. All brought here for the same purpose. This planet is a game preserve. And we’re the game.

Predators Movie Review
Predators Movie Review

Once again the storyline pits humans against the reptilian alien, or rather the alien and its troublesome family this time around. It takes place in the familiar jungle setting. Last but not least, we get to learn more about the predator character – which is always fun for the fans of the series. Unfortunately, the movie also leaves us with more questions than answers.

Royce, a mercenary, is the main character of the movie. He and the other characters are dropped from a spacecraft over a jungle on an alien planet. Though from various backgrounds, they all have one thing in common – they’re all expert killers.

Some are hardened criminals, like Hanzo from a Yakuza clan, and Cuchillo, who is in the drug business, and Stan, who is a death-row inmate. And some simply have combat experience. For example, Mombasa is an African rebel, Isabelle is a sniper with Israeli Army, Nikolai comes from the Spetsnaz special force, and Edwin…well, Edwin is a doctor – don’t ask!

Once on the ground, and having resolved the issue of leadership, the group moves deeper into the jungle. Suddenly they find themselves beset by all kinds of vicious alien life. Worse yet, they soon realize they are brought to the planet to serve as target practice for an advanced alien species. Also, they encounter a few more surprises along the way, such as two feuding predator clans.

The effects are awesome. The explosions are fantastic. The alien planet is also created well. The alien make-ups are good. But what I have a problem with is the casting.

Royce is just not that kind of character that should be played by Adrien Brody. I picture Royce as a tough guy with big muscles. However, when I hear the name of Adrien Brody I can’t help but think of The Pianist movie. The tough guy role just doesn’t suit him.

The other characters are reasonably convincing, but the Noland character, played by Laurence Fishburne, stands out – Fishburne does a fantastic job playing a psycho.

Mostly I missed the old predator screen time. The creature is shown as a captive – which takes away lots of its charm. And then there is this epic battle between the two clans where you can’t see much because it’s dark.

Another thing that bugs me is, when you come to think about it, this movie blows a big hole in the story. Try as I might, I couldn’t see how the old reptilian would have a chance in a fight against the new one. In a hypothetical galactic war, the old predators would die.

You can’t rule the space if there is another species that is stronger than you and has better equipment than you do.

Predators Movie Review
Predators Movie Review

Moreover, new predators are dying like flies. They don’t get a fair chance to show their hunting skills. They die too fast. In addition, I don’t see much of the new creature’s intelligence – for me, the classic character has more sense than the new one.

For example, the original reptilian kills half a dozen people without breaking a sweat, but the wannabe can’t even make the grade.

All things considered, this is a cool movie but it could have been better. There’s lots of action going on. The characters are running around the jungle fighting all sorts of beasts. Special effects are outlandish. On the flip side, the characters are all the usual suspects – but this is to be expected in a movie like this.

The one real letdown is that there is too little screen time for the classic predator. But the good news for all fans is that they are planning a sequel. Hopefully, we will get the answers to the questions posed by Predators. Let’s hope, too, that we will see the indomitable baddie again, and see a lot more of it for a change.


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