The American recession had escalated into a modern-day, crippling depression. Desperate times lead to desperate measures. The new world government implements a radical and controversial new health care point system rewarding healthy and morally upstanding lifestyles. The first generation was assigned a card to monitor their every behavior. The next generation was tagged with a chip, implanted at birth.

Decades of struggle, prejudice, and judgment left Piper Murphy with more questions than answers. Why was she feeling so strange? Where was her birth family and could they bring her the peace that she needed for herself and her own fractured family. How did the point system become so easily manipulated and allow politicians to dictate who deserves the best quality of life?

Working for the system seemed the best way to find out. What Piper didn’t expect was to be partnered with Delaney, a rogue ex-agent, with an agenda more potentially devastating than her own.

Delaney is assigned to teach Piper how to track ‘Pointers’, citizens trying to exist without being tracked. Together they are forced to face more than they had originally wanted to know if the truth is what they really sought in the first place.

Written/Directed/Produced by Julie Ufema

Lindsay Goranson (The Theatre Bizarre), Bill Roddey (Caveat), Paul Garrett (Road Killer), Julie Ufema (Dead Man Working), Jason Ufema, (Caveat) and my gorgeous 4-year-old son Dane Ufema in his feature debut!

Someone very close to me found out he had stage 4 brain/lung cancer. He was a long time smoker, and because I don’t think he ever really understood the gravity of his diagnosis, he didn’t take advantage of the time he had left. They kept giving him chemo, pumping him full of drugs and giving him SUPER expensive, highly specialized treatments. I couldn’t help but think “Is it worth it?” How many more good days will this buy him? When do you say enough is enough and draw the line?


My son Dane was born with cerebral palsy and his needs cost the state, and the taxpayers, a small fortune. I don’t know how I would have felt about that if he wasn’t mine.

I began thinking about the true quality of life. Who is fit to judge who deserves the best life and the finest health care. What if our government did…

This movie couldn’t be more personal to me. That’s why I decided to play ‘Piper’. Being adopted myself, I understand the pain of wanting to know who and where you came from. I can’t wait to play opposite my son and tackle some of the stigmas attached to being born with special needs. No matter what happens with this project I will have appeared on film with my son, and for me, that is the ultimate dream come true.

I had given up on my creative pursuits. I was 37, had two toddlers with special needs, and found myself living in the middle of Central Pennsylvania. My son Jett, diagnosed with autism, I had told could be president one day, and my beautiful little boy Dane, born with cerebral palsy, I had promised would walk if it killed me.

I had been preaching at them for years that they should follow their dreams but realized I had given up on my own. I decided to lead by example. That was two years, several movie roles, and three film productions ago.

I write what I know and what interests me. As much as I like sci-fi and horror my favorite movie is actually ‘Goonies’. I have eclectic taste and am very passionate about whatever I do. I can’t wait to bring a new story to life. I started with a thriller, then sci-fi, and now I’m working on a drama/fantasy featuring a cast of incredibly talented children.

Since ‘Pointless’ is my second feature I am enjoying the entire process so much more. My first film ‘Caveat’ was more of an education than experience. Besides being on set as an actress, I had no clue what really went into making a movie from start to finish.

The most challenging aspect of ‘Pointless’ is creating a million-dollar, futuristic feel for a tiny fraction of the price. I need to have props made, costumes tailored, sets designed and special effects created. I am surrounded by talented people that will do everything in their power to make it happen.

I began writing ‘Pointless’ in the summer of 2011. We have filmed two days and are hoping to finish principle photography from May 9th through May 20th.

To help continue production, we’re still raising funds through a Kickstarter Campaign and encourage anyone interested to lend a hand any way they can.


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