The alien creature from the movie The Hidden was the first among parasitic alien species that I saw as a kid. Two things prevented me from screaming at the top of my lungs as I watched it coming out from the mouth of one man and crawling into the mouth of another: first I was at a friend’s place so I had to behave and second I cowardly covered my eyes so I didn’t see the whole scene.

With years of professional science fiction movie training, it became easier. Now I can look, with both my eyes open, at this approx. 50 cm long, 8 cm in diameter slug-like alien which has a meter long slimy tentacles attached to its back end.

Parasitic Alien Creature from the Movie The Hidden
Parasitic Alien Creature from the Movie The Hidden

Unlike most of the parasitic alien species, this alien hasn’t come to invade the Earth. Heck, it doesn’t even care for our planet or for the human race, as long as it can take advantage of both. In its eyes, we are is all expendable livestock. As Lloyd Gallagher puts it: “He sees something he wants, he steals it. If something gets in his way, he kills it”.

This alien does not care much about the body it infects, either. It can keep it alive even when it is shot with literally dozen bullets and fall from two stories high building. When the body is too damaged, our alien creature just abandons the host to look for another one.

Another interesting thing about this cranky alien is that it feels quite comfortable in the human body. It gets a kick out of listening to loud music and driving fast cars. Porsche being among its favorites.

The fun part is that it can not be killed when it is in its human or, say, canine host, only while it is passing from one host to another. Then it blows its cover, so to speak, and becomes vulnerable to attack. However, the bummer is even then it can only be killed with a special alien weapon. Tough one!


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