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The 2014 US science fiction action film Edge of Tomorrow will feature Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Doug Liman has directed this film based on a movie adapted from Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill. 

This film will take place in a future where much of Europe is overrun by an alien race. Major Wiliam Cage (Cruise), a non-combat official, is pushed into a landing against the aliens by his bosses, who only encounter a time-space as he attempts to find a way of overturning the invaders.

An alien race has attacked the Earth in a relentless war, which any military unit in the world will never overcome. Major William Cage (Cruise) is a man who never saw a day of fighting until he was thrown into the mission unceremoniously. Killed within minutes, Cage is now unexplainedly thrown into a time loop that forces him to continue the same brutal battle, struggle and die over and down. 

But Cage, alongside Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski, will engage the opponents with increasing expertise with each battle (Blunt). And with Cage and Vrataski fighting the foreigners, every repeated meeting brings them a step closer to defeating their enemies and win.

Movies To Watch If You Enjoyed Watching Edge Of Tomorrow
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Virtually all of the films of Christopher Nolan, from Memento to Inception, are a must-see not only for fans of Edge of Tomorrow but also for any film-maker who gets a reputation as one of the best films of all times.

It is a point where something without mind has deemed a deception to a Nolan movie, although it is a question for the individual viewers whether Tenet reached that level. It is a matter of response. At times too complicated for its sound, the plot consists of an unnamed “protagonist” who learns the flow of time to avoid the future destroying the present.


Cloverfield, an additional member of the man versus the alien, is less concerned with combating a foreign invasion and more with how a group of ordinary citizens strive to survive one and eventually fail.

The found-footage filmmaking technique has become a niche practice, and Cloverfield uses it to its full potential. Lead by Dawn of the Planet of Apes director Matt Reeves, a group of friends in New York follows a parallel-dimensional creature strikes.


Double gangers are not a new phenomenon in films. Predestination takes the trope to its artistic extremes by showing four characters, different from each other but are the same one. 

Purge actor Ethan Hawke plays the role of a temporary agent responsible for travelling back in time and preventing disasters that thrill human lives. The only way to understand the last line is to see the film.

Movies To Watch If You Enjoyed Watching Edge Of Tomorrow


Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow differ significantly from one another from the point of view of plot and storey. Still, the parallels between Exo suits in both movies are pretty strange.

Elysium does not have aliens or time travellers, but those who want to see Tom Cruise running around in an exoskeleton doing action will be at home.

The second movie from director Neill Blomkamp on this list. The dystopian future shown in the film shows that the segregation of people has reached an all-time high, whilst the wealthy and affluent are left on the ruined Earth on a space station.


Looper is as great as Edge of Tomorrow to combine science fiction, time travel, and action as the complexity is described. It revolves around a looper who uses time travel to deal with the targets, directed by Knives Out director Riah Johnson.

Plots of various versions of one person can always be a little tricky, and in this film, Bruce Willis is seen to be playing the older version of a man named Joe, who goes back in time with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to confront his younger self.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is designed for those Edge of Tomorrow fans who are prepared to sacrifice part of the well-written storey in return for insane, anime-like big-robots that battle large-scale monsters.

It focuses on the battle by humanity against giant monsters, who rose from below the sea and were referred to as “kaiju,” helmed by the Shape of Water, director Guillermo del Toro. It’s far from the best story, and maybe not all of us have a cup of tea, but it nails the action, as it can be expected from a movie.

Source Code

Although it seems like at first, source code does not require time travel technically. “Source code is the reassignment of time,” as one of the very few characters in the film tells itself.

Simpler, Jake Gyllenhall is a near-dead military captain. He consciously is being placed in a simulation of a recent event to capture a terrorist, as this Warcraft Director Thriller Duncan Jones features. Captain Colter Stevens must profile a unique individual among hundreds inside a moving train, within a man of whom he is entirely unaware.

Movies To Watch If You Enjoyed Watching Edge Of Tomorrow
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“Tom Cruise playing the action hero” is essentially a genre itself, and within this genre “, Tom Cruise playing the action hero of a SiFi movie” is a sub-genre of its own which contains several films.

In the post-apocalyptic future of 2077, when wars with aliens left Earth uninhabited and forced humankind to move, it sets Cruise as one of the few people left as a drone technician on Earth. The film was visually spectacular and based on the original storey of the director Joseph Kosinski.

War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds was one of Steven Spielberg’s first pieces of literature on the modern concepts of an alien invasion, the book of English writer H. G. Wells. 

The film differs a lot from the book, like many adaptations before and after, but still is a classic invasive tale. Tom Cruise appears to be a father of two who tries to survive with his children a full-scale Earth invasion by aliens.

District 9

Alien invasion films are a dozen, and as with all the outstanding films, District 9 is distinctly distinct and distinguishes itself from the others.

An alien spacecraft has collapsed on Earth in the universe of District 9, which offers a thorough social commentary on different types of refugee conditions worldwide and succeeds in being as entertaining as possible. But instead of the usual shenanigans of invasion, the aliens are described by humans as an unfortunate bunch.


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