Hello there, reader! Let me answer a question for you and the question is, what is a perfect robbery? So, according to me a perfect robbery is a victimless crime. A robbery that does not affect any human or animal in any harmful way. And this perfect robbery can also be considered as a perfect crime. This is exactly the base of this series which I’m talking about.

Before moving forward, let me assure you that this is a spoiler free review post because if I was reading this, I wouldn’t want to spoil the suspense of the series. I came across this Spanish crime-drama when I was literally tired of bingeing F.R.I.E.N.D.S (not complaining though) all day and night. I wanted to explore more of the Netflix series and the moment I saw the cover photo of this series, I instantly wanted to see the faces behind the Salvador Dalí mask (Salvador Dalí is a famous Spanish paint artist) and Red Jumpsuits. The cover of the series read La casa de papel or popularly known as Money Heist.

Money Heist was formerly a Spanish TV show which was later on purchased by Netflix. Speaking of the first season of the series, it consists of 13 episodes, each episode of around 40-50 minutes. Overall, you can finish this season in around 12-13 hours. The original language of this series is European Spanish and it was formerly only dubbed in English. After a long wait it is now also dubbed in Hindi as Netflix definitely doesn’t want to keep this crime-thriller away from the major Hindi speaking Indian Audience. Honestly speaking, I was a bit disappointed with its English dub as it lacked the expression and emotions. Also, it was not just this but also the dialogues and the English subtitles were different from each other which leaves the viewer confused. Anyways, let’s continue with the story of this very well recognized web series.

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The story follows a very mysterious and enigmatic man who calls himself Professor. His only desire is to accomplish a conscientious heist ever done in the history of the world. For this heist he recruits 8 people and the most interesting fact is they don’t even know each other and forget about knowing each other, they don’t even know the real names of the other team members including Professor. They don’t have anything to lose either as they have their own back story of misery which will definitely make a connection between you and these unknown robbers.

These 8 characters are under a training of five months where they live at different places and train themselves, remembering all the steps and possibilities which can occur in those 11 days of their heist where they will loot National Coinage and Stamp Factory of Spain. Yes! You heard it absolutely right, these robbers will be there for 11 days to complete their heist. Again, they will be surrounded by police from every corner. There will be hostages too so that they can protect themselves from the police in this mission. But the question is will they be able to execute this robbery and even if they do execute it successfully, will they be able to escape the police? This series is beautifully given the direction in this exact plot.

After a very long time I’ve felt that this series is above all the suspense thrillers I have ever watched. This web series is a perfect example of the suspense genre flick as it has all the elements of an outstanding thriller which will leave you guessing what will happen next! Every minute detail is taken into consideration. The spectacular story writer of this web series has already guessed every scenario the viewer or audience will pinpoint. This web series is directed with so much precision that it will be very difficult for you to point out anything which is not up to the mark. Money Heist without any doubts offers something new with each and every passing episode. Given the running time of this web series, it will be moving forward a bit slower in the middle episodes but don’t stop there, be patient and focus on the positive aspect of the detailing. Believe me, you’ll not regret even a fraction of it.

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The main attraction of the web series is its characters. The Professor is an absolute genius, he has planned out everything for the heist years before he met the others in this robbery. The idea that the robbers will not call each other by their real names was introduced by the mastermind of this heist, Professor. These 8 characters name themselves after cities which are- Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Moscow, Denver, Helsinki, Oslo and Rio. The Professor always thinks a step forward, he even anticipated all the possible moves by the police and the government which they will take about the ongoing heist. He even planned out the actions he will be taking against them. He does not go with the robbers but stays behind and keeps track of the heist as well as the officials.

Money Heist is a case of Stockholm Syndrome. I’ll try to explain this syndrome in brief. It is that situation where a hostage creates a relationship with its captor. Here the hostage shows positive signs towards the action of its captor and is comfortable with whatever the captor is doing. Various moments of this syndrome will be witnessed in this series where the hostages will share emotional as well as physical bonds with the captive. It is highly recommended to not watch this series with kids. The series is a blend of bewildering plot twists. A tiny spoiler here, new plans will get introduced after some time interval as the Professor believes that every plan has to be brought into action at a certain time.

Till the last episode of this season, it will be clear that there will definitely be a season-2. But to know the ending of this series you first have to watch the first season obviously. The season ends with a high-level adrenaline rush with the famous background song of the series, Bella Ciao which means “Goodbye beautiful”

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