Isn’t it fascinating that something so tremendously destructive as killer robots can at the same time be so ludicrously simple? Just think about it, if you want to stop them all you have to do is get to their CPU, and they are dead in the water. But to get to it first you have to raze a whole city block!

Killer robots in science fiction movies don’t tire, they don’t pause to catch a breath, get a snack, wee, tie a shoelace. There is this image I’m sure you’re all familiar with of a robot in close-up which is coming at us.

His legs a trailing mess of crushed wires aglow with electric discharge, his face a burnt ruin of craggy metallic plates – out of this stark inhuman visage glower a pair of pitiless X-ray eyes – and yet for all the damage Mr. Metallo has sustained, he keeps flailing his arms and crawling closer and closer.

You can shoot ’em, stab ’em, burn ’em… you break them to sub-atomic particles, and they will keep coming at you until the moment their cold titanium fingers lock around your neck, or the algorithm that’s running them is replaced.

Killer Robots - Scary and Fascinating Agents of Destruction
Killer Robots – Scary and Fascinating Agents of Destruction

Despite what some might think, killer robots in science fiction movies, and real-life – especially in real life!!! – are usually not the product of some mad scientist who, unbeknownst to his neighbors, works at his sinister brainchild in a moldy cellar, shunned by men (and rejected by women).

Nope! As a matter of fact, they are a product of perfectly sensible scientific minds who work for the government, or the military, and are merely carrying out orders issued by the same kind of sensible people in suits, or uniforms, who are out to protect us, tax-paying citizens, from some unimaginable menace, which comes in the form of a rogue state abroad, or an underground movement bent on havoc and anarchy at home. All perfectly sensible, all perfectly justified.

One more thing, when we talk about robots-that-do-kill we are not talking about a household appliance that has gone out of whack because your not-yet-broken chihuahua mistook it for a tree. We are talking about machines that are designed and programmed for one purpose alone – search and destroy. What could be scarier than THAT?

Here are a few killer robots from science fiction movies. Some totally badass, some quite charming! All deadly and efficient.


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