Inception is directed, and scripted, by Christopher Nolan, who, after an excellent job with “Batman Begins” (2005) and “The Dark Knight” (2008), brings us another great movie. This movie won him the WAFCA Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Word to the wise, you shouldn’t sleep on the movie because you will not understand the plot. You have to pay close attention because the action, for the larger part, takes place in dreams and dreamworld – which is governed by a unique set of rules.

Director and writer:

Christopher Nolan


Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb
Ellen Page as Ariadne
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur
Ken Watanabe as Saito
Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer
Tom Berenger as Peter Browning




I can access your mind through your dreams.

The plot opens when guards spot a man stranded on the beach. They take him up to a guarded fortress where they remove his belongings and show them to their boss, a very old Japanese, who gives an order to bring him in.

It turns out the stranded man, named Cobb, and the old man, also known as Saito, know each other. Saito is shocked that Cobb hasn’t changed a bit for the last 30-40 years.

Inception Movie Review
Inception Movie Review

Presently we learn that Cobb is an extractor – somebody who can access your mind through dreams. When he and Saito first met he was on a mission to steal some top-secret business documents from Saito, but he failed to accomplish the task.

Here’s a twist – Saito offer’s him another job. He will give Cobb what he wants (simply he wants to go back to his children), but the task is a daunting one. Cobb will have to make the inception, which means plant an idea into a mind.

In the world of Inception, the military created a new simulation. They use some drug (some kind of a high tech sleeping pill but it’s basically a drug) which helps you get to sleep. There is also a machine that connects you to other people in the dream world. The military used it only for practice, but extractors use it to steal important information.

Apparently, you can have a whale of a time in the dream world. You can create lots of stuff, but there are also some rules you have to abide by. First off, there are the so-called projections, kind of the mind’s guardians which protect it from intrusions during sleep. Another rule is you can die in a dream, though if that happens to you it is not necessarily the end of the road – there are more surprises coming up!

Also, you have to have a totem that tells you whether you are in the dream world or not. For example, Cobb’s spinning top won’t stop spinning in the dream world. In addition, there is something called a dream in a dream.

(Hard to understand). It’s like when you dream and reach a certain depth you can go in even deeper but you need an extra dose of the drug to keep you in there.

Oddly enough, the dream world is somewhat reminiscent of the Matrix. You can change it but if you change it too many times the projections will attack you. Another rule is you must never design a dream based on memory – or you run the risk of not being able to tell the difference between the dream and reality.

Not an easy job for the young and naive architect who has been tasked with creating a dream Cobb and his team is going to break into and which also has to be a maze which will hide them from the projections.

Moreover, you can leave the dream world if there is a kick – a kick means you can get back to the real world, for example, you fall down from a chair. I only missed the Sandman in the movie. It’s his realm after all.

Leonardo DiCaprio has played many roles in his career (lover, rebel, genius, dumb, etc…). He played so well this depressed man who only wants to go back to his children and can’t make the difference between the real and unreal. Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Cobb’s right hand.

Ellen Page played the naive architect. Tom Hardy did an excellent job with the thief and forger character. Tom Berenger also did splendid work playing a businessman.

Inception is an adrenaline bomb. Gunfights, hand to hand combat. Lots of explosions. The soundtracks were also great. It was a really neat idea to use Edit Piaf’s song “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”. Special effects are awesome.

They did a hands-down job of recreating the quirky dream world and the oddball logic that rules it. But personally, the best thing about Inception is the original and intricate storyline and the well-crafted atmosphere of mystery.


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