High Voyage – SF Comedy

High Voyage - SF Comedy
High Voyage - SF Comedy

The movie High Voyage is important to me because I have been interested in Science Fiction and Space since childhood and I graduated from Samara State Aerospace University.

I wanted to make a movie to celebrate the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight. And I had an appropriate script (as a screenwriter I always have several scripts in reserve).

The project seemed a bit difficult to perform – I had some doubts at first – but my cinema-friends, when they had read the text, assured me that the script was worth it. The screenplay was based on my own literary story (Co-s-mic tourism) that was published twenty years ago.

Here is High Voyage’s logline:
The lifetime dream of a starry-eyed naive space enthusiast comes true. He finds a big sum of money and gets a ticket to a space-tour flight. But inside a close rocket compartment his rude companion in the seat next to his ruins everything.

High Voyage - SF Comedy
High Voyage – SF Comedy

Film Excerpts, Photos, and Music used on a strictly non-profit basis.

Cast: Dreamer – Vladimir Lorkin; Man of muscle – Arsen Marganyan; Fly Girls – Elena Andreyeva, Ksenia Znaevskaya

It was a lot of fun when we shot the scenes in zero gravity. Two guys on fireballs and in different poses fought so long and were so funny that we were almost too tired to laugh and could barely grasp our bellies. And we all liked the really beautiful girls-stewardesses.

The challenging part was the scenes in the space capsule – it’s not easy to imitate a space capsule without a big Hollywood budget.

To make this movie, it took two days of shooting in a pavilion, one day in the Aerospace Museum of Samara, and then two weeks of editing, coloring, etc. More than 30 people worked on this project.

Special thanks to:
“35 Mm Studio” (Dmitri Oderusov, Vadim Frenkin), Alexandr Fedotov, Elena Kuzina, Irina Kuznetsova, “Cosmic Samara” Space Museum and Samara Cinema School.

My next film is also about a starry-eyed guy!

And the next one will probably be about flights too. 🙂


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