Poor Hector! He was doomed from the start. And I am not talking about the Greek hero, but the killer robot from the movie Saturn 3. He just did not have a chance. From the moment Captain Benson arrived on Saturn 3, the robot’s fate was sealed. But before we fast forward to a really interesting part, let’s first meet the robot himself.

Hector is the first model in the Demi-God robot series. He is more than 2,0 m tall androids with a weird-looking headpiece.

Hector from the movie Saturn 3
Hector from the movie Saturn 3

His body and legs are covered with metallic plates, which, depending on how you look at it, may resemble a radiator cover grill or the muscle cords straight from anatomy books.

This intimidating facade conceals the vital “organs”: the brain unit, electronic and hydraulic system. Several tubes, some filled with orange and blue fluids, remain visible even when the robot is fully assembled. They are set across his shoulders and are neatly arranged down the length of his legs. We can safely assume they are parts of the hydraulic system.

Robot’s “headpiece” consists of a jointed metal handle with a binocular camera on its end. It looks pretty fragile compared to his robust body. It is arguably the most vulnerable part of Hector considering that it is directly connected to his brain.

Hector from the movie Saturn 3
Hector from the movie Saturn 3

Hector’s brain unit is sealed within a metallic container, and, here’s the doozy, it is a pure living human brain tissue. Yeah, that’s right: living human brain tissue. “Unborn”, as Captain Benson puts it in the movie. I don’t even want to contemplate the implications thereof!

However, programming this fella does not come easy. Here’s yet another interesting twist…Data is uploaded directly from the brain of the person specifically chosen for this tricky task. This direct brain-to-brain link is maintained through radio contact.

The “Coaching” process takes 3 to 4 weeks. Depending on what you choose to share with the robot you can personalize him literally! You have to be careful, though, or you will wind up with a robot addicted to a cup of coffee in the morning…or something far worse.

As we see in the movie, our robot has the bad fortune to have his brain coached by Captain Benson whose psychiatric evaluation probably reads something like: “emotionally unstable and mentally disturbed”.

Hector from the movie Saturn 3
Hector from the movie Saturn 3

At the beginning of the movie, Saturn 3 Benson illustrates this perfectly. He fails the mental test required for the mission, and afterward, he kills Captain James, who was chosen to deliver and train the robot, and then he takes Captain James’s place. Benson can not control his desires and emotions, especially the ones he is most eager to hide.

Hector taps into a brain loaded with madness. He drains most of Captain Benson’s insanity and sexual obsessions becoming disturbed himself. We can’t even say that he is malfunctioning in the strictest sense of the word since he does exactly what he is “programmed” to do. He wreaks havoc with a vengeance.


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