I sure wish for a couple of Fix-its from the movie * Batteries Not Included every time my computer gives up on me and retires one of its components or blows up its power supply unit. Not to mention a sad case of my grandpa’s old watch which no one could repair after it was accidentally, but thoroughly washed in the washing machine.

Fix-its, however, can repair everything from a broken vase to entire smashed coffee shop. They are small flying saucers with all kinds of tiny mechanical arms and gadgets and they can occasionally fix each other as well. And that is not all. If they bring their relatives and friends they can build whole multi-story building within one night. I bet construction builders and people in repair business would give one kidney and their right arm if these alien robots would have them in good grace.

Fix-its from the movie * Batteries Not Included
Fix-its from the movie * Batteries Not Included

Said that, befriending them may sound like next to impossible, but actually is not that hard to achieve. These living machines are modest and shy and do not ask for much.

spare socket and a bowl of scrap-metal given with sincere heart is all they need. After all they are not so different from us. They also have feelings. You can tell whether they are upset or angry when their glowing eyes change color. They can learn new things. Heck, they can make a perfect hamburger if you show them the right picture.

They may even decide to move in and build a cozy nest of their own if you happen to have an old pantry or unused birdcage. How do I know that? Well, that is exactly what happened to the tenants of an old building in the movie * Batteries Not Included. By the way, Mrs. Riley, one of the tenants, gave them the name.

Fix-its from the movie batteries Not Included

After the two alien robots moved into an old, wooden birdcage on the top of the building they gathered with great care toasters, frying pans, coffee pots, drink cans, bolts and forks.

Everything young alien couple of machines need when they decide to have a family. Yes, they can reproduce as well. Here’s what happened.

A few days after our flying alien friends finished their nest, and one very eventful night, Mrs. Fix-it gave birth to three cute little robot babies! There were some complications with the youngest one but nothing water, electric discharge and a few kitchen chemicals couldn’t fix. First, the kids explored the world on foot, but then their parents taught them to fly. After all, they are miniature spaceships!

Fix-its from the movie batteries Not Included

Fix-its, with their special abilities, surely make you wonder what their home planet of alien self-reproducing spacecraft, hell-bent on repairing everything their lay their eyes on, could possibly look like.
I hope that you Science Fiction Movie Explorer and I will come across it one day.


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