Genius is a 2018 Indian Hindustani-language action thriller film directed by Anil Sharma. Utkarsh Sharma makes his acting debut, having previously starred as a child actor in Sharma’s 2001 film Gadar: Ek Prem Katha alongside Ishita Chauhan. Veteran actresses Ayesha Jhulka, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Mithun Chakraborty play supporting roles in the film.

The movie got a lot of negative feedback. The film’s ambiguous plot and poor acting received especially harsh criticism in reviews. “On the whole, GENIUS is an incredibly weak and senseless fare,” Bollywood Hungama said in a review.

The Times of India’s Ronak Kotecha was similarly dismissive of the film, awarding it two out of five stars. It received a “zero” rating from the Indian Express, which described it as “redundant.”

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·         Mithun Chakraborthy as NSA Chief Jaishankar Prasad

·         Utkarsh Sharma as Vasudev Shastri aka Genius

·         Ishitha Chauhan as Nandini Chauhan

·         Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Mr Samar Khan / MRS

·         Ayesha Jhulka as Nandini’s Mother

·         KK Raina as Mr Das

·         Zakir Hussain as Minister

·         Abhimanyu Singh as Mr


Vasudev Shastri, a genius RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agent, is marked incompetent upon failure to complete a main mission and becoming too injured to act again. Later, as he sits saddened by a park, Nandini, his life’s love, consoles him.

The film then returns to Vasudev Shastri (Utkarsh Sharma), a topper and wonderful guy who lands at IIT where the second ranker, Nandini Chauhan (Ishitha Chauhan), intends to make his life a living hell out of jealousy. She despises him all the time, but Vasu (Vasudev Shastri) still manages to outwit her.

In addition to being the friendly “genius” around campus, he has a part-time job with RAW where he uses his hacking expertise. The day before her IIT final exam, Nandini reluctantly visits Vasu for help with a theory.

Vasu admits to Nandini that he has had feelings for her for a long time. When Nandini learns of this, she concocts a cunning plan to give Vasu sleeping pills, causing him to miss the exam the next day. 

Vasu, on the other hand, outwits her once again and arrives at the exam hall ahead of her. Vasu isn’t mad at her; instead, he helps her with an unexpected snag and laughs as he steps away after completing his post.

Nandini learns on the day of the results that Vasu had purposefully submitted a blank paper in order for her to win. Nandini falls madly in love with him after seeing his devotion to love, but she keeps it a secret and jets off to the United States for her dream work.

Senior representatives of RAW, intrigued by Vasu’s intellect, attempt to persuade him to join the organisation. After discovering that his parents were killed in communal riots orchestrated by Pakistan’s ISI, Vasu agrees to join RAW in order to exact vengeance on ISI.

Vasu, who has been labelled incompetent by RAW, now walks with a cane and suffers from acute tinnitus and multiple fractures as a result of his unsuccessful mission. 

Nandini had taken a leave of absence from her work in order to return to India and care for Vasu.

Nandini takes Vasu to her Puducherry home, where her mother is pleasantly surprised to see Nandini (who had never valued personal relationships prior to her career) make major sacrifices for Vasu’s well-being. 

Vasu and Nandini share some romantic moments, but their happiness is short-lived as Vasu starts to have flashbacks about his failed mission.

Befuddled, Nandini agrees to send Vasu to the United States for treatment. Vasu refuses and informs Nandini of his failed mission, after which he sets out to find MRS (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), the mastermind of ISI in India and the primary target of his failed mission.

Soon after, it is revealed that Vasu staged all of the hallucinations in order to hunt down his rivals. He murders anyone who aided MRS one by one. MRS, on the other hand, detects Vasudev’s return and plots to assassinate him at a masquerade ball.

Vasu defends himself during the masquerade, but he is injured once more. Nandini sobs as she sees Vasu’s pitiful condition. MRS, who was secretly watching them, takes advantage of the situation and kidnaps Nandini. Soon after, RAW’s senior representatives take stock of his skill.

Vasu locates Nandini with the assistance of RAW, saves Mathura from a massive explosion, and eventually kills MRS by drowning him in the water. He is praised by all of RAW’s participants. He and Nandini share a huge embrace at the end of the movie.

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