Recently our family cat Leeloo became a family cyborg cat. She received a data chip implanted under her skin and now she can travel abroad with us. This got me thinking. There are quite a lot of cybernetic organisms of human provenance in SF movies.

But where the heck are the animal and non-humanoid ones? There just did not seem to be many of these out there. Were they simply overlooked by the movie industry, or could be it another instance of anthropocentric attitudes?

So I searched for examples of animal and non-humanoid subgroups in SF movies. It was quite a thrill to bump into some and here they are.

Dolphin Jones in movie Johnny Mnemonic:

Jones was used by the military to collect the samples of software through the hulls of submarines using infrasound. When Johnny Mnemonic first meets him, Jones is a member of an underground movement called Lotek and is very good at breaking codes.

As Lotek Leader explains to Johnny, Jones “cuts through hard encryption like a knife through butter”. It seems the dolphin understands humans when they talk to him and has some kind of an ultrasound beam to defend himself and others if necessary.

Dog in movie Cyborg 2:
He is a watchdog and guide. On the outside, he looks like a regular canine, but you soon realize there is more to him than meets the eye. Think central processing unit!

Cyborg Subgroups - Animal and Non-Humanoid
Cyborg Subgroups – Animal and Non-Humanoid

Mutant from movie Doom:

Pinky, while he was still human he had the misfortune to test the intergalactic transportation device called Ark when it was “susceptible to major turbulence”. Due to an error in the calculations, “he went to one galaxy, his ass went to another”.

His lower half was replaced with wheels attached to his spine. In the course of the movie he is genetically altered and becomes -check this out- a mutant cybernetic organism. Bighead, big mouth with lots of sharp teeth, no eyes, and very very pink.

I hope this rectifies some of the injustice done to non-humans.


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