Best Rogue Names

Best Rogue Names
Best Rogue Names

Rogue’ is an English word, generally used as a noun and an adjective. The term was first coined in the mid-sixteenth century and was defined as ‘a a scoundrel, rascal, begging vagabond Best Rogue Names.

By the 19th century, another definition was added to the word. ‘Uncontrolled or undisciplined’ became another meaning of the word rogue. And, gradually, the use of this word in movies, literary pieces, made it popular among, mostly among the teenagers

Female Rogue Names

It was most likely an adapted version of the word ‘roger’ which was used as slang for fraudulent beggars on the London streets, who pretend to be a poor scholar from some university, in order to solicit sympathy and money.

Female Rogue Names
Female Rogue Names

Due to its immense popularity, people want to have a rogue name for themselves. Names add a tinge to a person’s personality. Their way of self-expression. Here’s a list of some female rogue names that are unique and attractive.

Prisma SloanAplasiaXaraFemale
Solan MistAtresia EdwardJoey JustinBallad Rogue
Vampy BestShaynaKremer MuskFemaleiva
Joana RainEdina LoveVrestis QuentElixir Names
Rosery AngelsinEdrina RedVayne DukeSplit Rogue
Elona SaxFloris ChainThistle MargaretTap Rogue
Dany FlowerheadSarah SunderlandCat Von CareFemaleable
July GustLilac JohnMary FrostRogueonus
Roll FemaleNamoontUnion FemaleBravo Rogue
Rave RogueMove NamesUnited FemaleTrill Names
Cannon FemaleFret FemaleCrash NamesSaga Rogue
NamluxSage RogueRecords NamesShare Female
Publish RogueRogueologyTime RogueDare Female
Wisdom FemaleNamverseVibe NamesSharp Female
Mix NamesBold FemaleRoguearaPower Rogue
Mixed FemaleDiscover NamesRoguelyticalWave Rogue
Legion FemaleTheory FemaleLift FemaleDeep Female
Largo RogueBass FemaleFlow NamesMode Female
Radius NamesTrigger RogueMozillaLoop Rogue
Assembly RogueRogueBridge NamesAnalytical
Modus FemaleRaid RogueRogueluxTap Names
Change FemaleMajor NamesAmp NamesAware Rogue
Fret NamesLimitless FemaleReckless NamesBeats Rogue.
FemaleegyNumpadKamadoFoster Female
FemalezoidMachine NamesGenius RogueAlto Female

Famous Rogues

Famous Rogues

Who doesn’t love a good rogue? In many movies, web series, we eagerly wait for them and their characters really do fascinate us.

Their selfish character we cannot trust but deep down we believe that is some good there. Here’s a list of some famous rogue names that we have come across in movies.

John KennexSam OwenGarrettFoster Rogues.
Lord NarcisseGwaineJack SparrowTempo Famous
Dorothy ParkerSamuelJack ColtonHow Famous
Mastered RoguesFeed RoguesMozillaWisdom Rogues
Wisdom FamousRave RoguesRave FamousMachine Rogues
Accent FamousFamousverseCrowd FamousPraise Rogues
Shout RoguesKey FamousRogueStep Rogues
RogulazaPraise FamousJam RoguesFamous
FamouszillaTrap RoguesBeat FamousSound Famous
Change FamousCloud RoguesLoop FamousDance Rogues
Tune FamousFamousivaPickup FamousEdition Rogues
Bang RoguesPublish RoguesRogeroDrop Famous
Rise Rogues.Spotlight FamousTrust FamousBallad Famous
Chamber RoguesHorizon RoguesFusion RoguesMass Rogues
FamouslyMusic RoguesRegisterProject Rogues
Flow FamousMajor RoguesClef RoguesPhantom Famous.
Vibe FamousBroadcast FamousLift FamousPlay Famous
Key RoguesSongbird Famous.Cannon RoguesMade Famous
Records FamousCause RoguesArrowhead RoguesAssembly Rogues
Rewind RoguesFamouspadTune RoguesCanary Famous
Accord RoguesFamousoramaRoguomaticFamousops
Digi FamousMore RoguesMixed FamousCrowd Rogues
Made RoguesRoguadilElevate RoguesCrash Rogues
FamousellaChorus RoguesVariety FamousCount Famous
Wave FamousPop FamousProsper RoguesRide Rogues

Cool Rogue Names

Cool Rogue

It has become a trend to have a rogue name. It not only highlights the person but also highlights their inner self. The way, one wants to let the world know him or her. So, here’s a list of some cool rogue names that are quite modern and apt.

Gemini GraverLeviosa AlvaroMiner DonRave Rogue
Andre MondBrockton BestonWesterland TrappeCoolio
Warner GhostMarilenaSymphony SonNamonus
Cyan WillowSinister SilkenMeta DonPlay Cool
Igor BirchDevil HathwayHeather MansonNamdo
Morticia WitchDemonica AshWoody GreenRave Rogue
Wingardium LeeHartleyTandon BearRogueopolis
Variety NamesRoguewindVamp RogueCoolio
RoguezoidCoolBeat CoolStarter Names
Note NamesPhantom RogueCannon CoolCorolla
RoguebiaRadius CoolRaw CoolDuo Rogue
Reckless NamesMaster NamesLoud RogueHorde Rogue
Ghost CoolTime NamesCrash CoolAllied Cool
Project RogueSynth NamesWavey NamesCore Cool
Pulse CoolRadius NamesMade RogueMastered Cool
Loud RogueHorde NamesModus NamesLoop Names
Editor NamesPlay RogueCollegeCoolpad
Mass RogueVerse NamesSpotlight NamesPraise Names
Sonic NamesStep CoolScope NamesHype Cool
NameFlight CoolScope CoolSpark Cool
Axe RogueInspire CoolCause NamesManscape
Assembly CoolPraise RogueNamonusDigi Rogue
Novel CoolTempo RoguePlay CoolBroadcast Rogue
Plug RogueAxe CoolNamdoDrop Names

Witty Rogue Names

We always love people who speak a witty mind. Among the teenagers, the urge to find a witty rogue name is always at zenith. So, here’s a list of some witty rogue names that are really suitable and cool.

Paxton SunKris KepplerMartin JohnsonAmp Names
Coldlad TomWilliam DeliJoana FelaProject Rogue
Kristofer SonTrance SinMax LehrmanChange Witty
Ernst WheelHerner AiresJordan KelvinRogueorzo
Voice WittyNamelyRedux RogueVariety Names
Cloud NamesPower WittySound RogueCore Witty
Trident RogueRoguegenixLoop WittyChorus Rogue
Rhythm NamesRoguegenicsLegion WittyGroove Names
PremiumCanary NamesMagnet WittyCoda Rogue
Hook WittyNamoryxRound NamesSpotlight Rogue
Timbre WittyStrum RogueStance WittyElectric Witty
Music WittyCore NamesSage RogueMastered Witty
Verse NamesAlto RogueVerse RogueMore Names
NamzoidAccord NamesJam RogueVox Names
Starter NamesStance RogueWittyadilPoly Witty
Rave RogueWittyjetCeramic WittyRoguetastic
NamluxAllied WittyReckless WittyWittyscape
Champion RogueStep WittyMastered NamesChoir Names
Tenor WittyWittyfluentRoguesArguable
RoguezenBlackout RogueScribe NamesRave Witty
Vibration NamesMovement NamesHype NamesRamjet
Move NamesCapital WittyChief RogueTone Names
Step RogueWittyShare WittyNamco
NamorzoDisclosure NamesPlay NamesFantastic
WittyvioRogueegyRogue worksEditor Names

Rogue Names Male

Rogue male

There has been a recent development of interest in rogue names. Most teenagers prefer a cool and unique rogue name. Here’s a list of some male rogue names that are quite different and new, as well as attractive.

Bleeder BobBagsporGibran IndianaMariella
Stratus BirdMazakadzaWinston CheckRoguelux
Fydor KroserFranz DianaCharlotte DoggerRogueaholic
Bygone BronnMikeBadassassinRaw Rogue
MalesWisdom NamesPlay MaleRound Rogue
Chief RogueMajor MaleMalbecEnjoy Male
Apex MaleMediumBlues NamesSynth Rogue
Beats MalePraise RogueShare NamesEdition Names
CamellaMove RogueMalchutElevate Names
Made NamesRogueverseCeramic RogueGhost Rogue
Radiant MaleVerse NamesLift MaleSharp Names
Chamber MaleJam MaleNameRoguedeck
Major NamesMegalopolisLogisticScope Names
Pulse RogueVerse MaleDance NamesAccord Names
Vinyl MaleSupreme RogueMachine MaleBlues Rogue
Disclosure MaleNamdeckNamprismSessions Names
Made RogueRoguenestLoud MaleUnited Names
Rate MaleSaga RogueUnion RogueMusic Rogue
MaleaBlank MaleNameHonor Rogue
Bang RogueMix NamesFeed NamesRedux Male
Wavey MaleAware MaleMalexCanon Rogue
Big NamesTone NamesMaleRogue
Heart RogueVinyl NamesMix NamesPower Names
Fusion NamesNamesRogueTonic Rogue
Rhythm MaleBeats NamesTap MaleNovel Rogue

Names for Rogues

There are different types of people in society. They love to name themselves or their kids in different categories and rogue names are one of the categories. Choosing this kind of name is pure art because the name is the only thing that remains till the death, Here’s a list of rogue names.

Supernova Electra Sirus VamodasSpotlight Rogues
Accent Names
NamdoMajor Rogues
Byron Carmin Vixen Thyme CaligariAccord ForTime RoguesMajor For
Synder Black Martin Lord Freed MarthHow Names
Trill NamesRhythm For
Croner Lee Dany Styler Mathew GoldCeramic RoguesRewind ForCeramic Names
Evy Barett Andy Blaire Alisa PurpleHow NameRoughCrash For
NamfluentCeramic NamesNamladaCloud Names
Mode NamesCrash ForRise NamesRoad
Raid RoguesCloud NamesForioSportsGenic Logo Domainify
Union RoguesRoadNamfluentForedeck
Plug ForForedeckMode NamesRecords Names
Publish NamesRecords NamesRaid RoguesAssure Rogues
Canon ForAssure RoguesUnion RoguesTempo For
NameTempo ForPlug ForFortify
Tune NamesFortifyPublish NamesRoguooze
ForsterRoguoozeCanon ForGrave Names
ForensicsGrave NamesNameNamgenix
Core RoguesNamgenixTune NamesForty
Dream ForFortyForsterNamco
Deep NamesNamcoForensicsMusic Rogues
EmporiumMusic RoguesCore RoguesFlorida
Canary ForFloridaDream ForLoud For
NamaholicLoud ForDeep NamesTheory Names
Major RoguesTheory NamesEmporiumLime Rogues
Major ForLime RoguesCanary ForVibe Rogues
Rhythm ForVibe RoguesNamaholicNamdo

Famous Female Rogues

In movies, web series, or in a novel, we come across many such characters who portrays themselves as evil. But, deep down, we all consider that there are some good people inside them. Rogue names need not be of only men.

There are a lot of female rogue names, we have come across in different movies. Here’s a list of some famous female rogue names.

Famous Female Rogues
Lara Croft Kassandra Jess BlackBig FemaleGhost FamousCannon Rogues
Yuna Emily AyaReckless FemalePush RoguesWavey Famous
Melanie Kaldwin ElizabethRide RoguesFlow RoguesPlug Famous
Stream RoguesStream FamousSage FamousEditor Female
Chamber FamousChief FamousVox RoguesFamousaholic
Rate RoguesFemaleocitySound FemaleFemalescape
RoguesRogueRedux FemaleMass Famous
Jam FemaleRuckus FamousRadius RoguesAllied Famous
Cloud FemaleTrill FemaleBravo FamousGrave Famous
Cymbal FemaleCause FemaleRock FamousPoint Female
Electric FamousFeed FemaleRaid FemaleSharp Female
FemalequipoDuo FamousLoud RoguesPhantom Rogues
FamousoozeCoda FamousFemaleorzoChange Famous
Scale FemaleMass FemaleHonor FemaleTheory Female
Time FamousPitch RoguesTrust RoguesRogugenix
FamousivaFemale starTap FamousTimbre Rogues
Flow FamousFemaleisticBlank FemaleRedux Rogues
FemaleellaVariety FemaleFamous worksMajor Female
Loop FamousGhost FemaleVox FamousIgnite Rogues
Master RoguesBang FemaleWave FemaleFamoushut
Mastered FamousStarter FamousCore FemaleBoom Rogues
Tempo RoguesLoud FamousProsper RoguesVoice Female
Divide FamousRoguopolisChange RoguesApex Rogues
More FamousPublish RoguesRide RoguesChampion Famous
Radiant FamousVamp FemaleBang RoguesPlug Rogues

What Is A Good Rogue name?

Good Rogue name
Good Rogue

As the term rogue means, a person who is unpredictable, different from the others. Have a unique personality based on the evil side.

So, to have a good rogue name, one must keep the following points in mind:

  • The name must be short and easy to remember.
  • The name must be unique.
  • It can be inspired by any character of a movie or a series.
  • The name must possess the feature one wants to portray.

What is a Rogue Name?


The origin of the name Rogue lies in English. It means an unpredictable, savage character. There has been a high demand for naming a child by a rogue name.

It is some kind of cool stuff and it is trendy. With time, there has been a constant change in selecting a suitable rogue name. It is kind of interesting and it is more like a movie realism.

Is Rogue A Female Or Male Name?

The name rogue was generally a male name, but with time, there has been a constant change. Now, both males and females can have a rogue name. A name is a person’s choice. So, if a person wants to name himself or herself with a cool rogue name, he or she is free to do so.

In movies, we have seen a lot of female rogue names and male rogue names. Both create a sense of interest and this is the sole reason, why there has been a recent demand for rogue names in the present time.

Human Rogue Names

Human Rogue

The name has always been a person’s one of favourite things, because it stays with one, forever. The name gives an identity, a sense of acknowledgement.

Here’s a list of some Human rogue names.

Menon DicenCharlie Brutus CallRadius HumanTonic Names
Rem Guslar Grand Strom AsherGrand Strom AsherBridge HumanRound Names
Ditton Lip CascadeBrown QuinteroTimbre NamesVerse Rogue
Harbin RoseMarsa Danto Oliver LeafStep RogueRadius Rogue
Semoun OldburyJohn StarAlto HumanHumanity
Alice AdamsMertie Bridge Jose ConteBroadcast HumanVamp Rogue
Vex NamesVibe RogueNameSonic Human
Phantom HumanStream RogueMove NamesLoop Rogue
Prosper HumanChampion RogueHumanadilLoud Rogue
Aware HumanArk RogueHumanscapeTrill Names
HumanaEcho HumanVex NamesRoll Rogue
Limitless NamesTonic NamesPhantom HumanSynth Rogue
Legion NamesRound NamesProsper HumanVamp Human
Disclosure RogueVerse RogueAware HumanAccord Names
Electric HumanRadius RogueHumanaRadius Human
HumanopediaHumanityLimitless NamesBridge Human
Wave RogueVamp RogueLegion NamesTimbre Names
RogueorzoSonic HumanDisclosure RogueStep Rogue
HumanlazaLoop RogueElectric HumanAlto Human
NamwindLoud RogueHumanopediaBroadcast Human
RoguearcTrill NamesWave RogueName
Crowd Human.Roll RogueRogueorzoMove Names
Major RogueSynth RogueHumanlazaHumanadil
Plug NamesVamp Human.NamwindHumanscape
Trill RogueAccord NamesRoguearcRoguopolis

Rogue Names Generator

Rogue names generator is a software or a kind of an application, that generates names. In many video games, we need to name a character with a rogue name. In, real-life as well, people love to name themselves with a unique rogue name

So, the rogue names generator provides a lot of new rogue names based on the nickname and the characteristics, one possesses and wants to portray to the world.

Undead Rogue Names

In many media, or in games we have come across a lot of rogue names. There are a lot of characters that are rogue in nature and we really find them interesting. So, here’s a list of some of the undead rogue names.

Sigmund Popper DianaPulse NamesTribe RogueNamadri
Casey Brunella EslaRound HumanLoop NamesBlackout Names
Godric Boon BrownennaSonic HumanMajor HumanDistortion Rogue
Carla Zelda MoxieTrident RogueTap NamesRoguequipo
Lewis Osmond MarilynOutlet NamesVoice HumanMove Rogue
United RogueVariety HumanPlay NamesFoster Rogue
Duo RogueVariety NamesDistortion RogueRogueomatic
Count HumanHumanaRocky HumanEcho Names
Hype NamesRadius NamesNamopediaManorama
Beats HumanRoll HumanRogueellaChief Rogue
Scope NamesHumansMeasure NamesTribe Rogue
Project HumanUnion RogueRoguelanceRound Human
LogisticNamluxRide HumanNamoryx
Modus HumanSongbird NamesRise RogueRoguedeck
Pulse HumanAlto HumanDiscover HumanHumanium
Divide NamesNamquipoRave NamesBold Human
Jam NamesTonic HumanMusic NamesChamber Rogue
Spotlight NamesWave NamesNocturne NamesRogueish
Tempo NamesChange HumanChorus RogueInside Names
NameCause HumanAlto RogueNovel Rogue
Trust HumanCamaroRise HumanDisclosure Rogue
Tribe NamesReckless HumanRaw NamesVariety Names
Horde NamesTenor HumanTime NamesPraise Rogue
Point HumanRoguesterDime RogueTune Names
NumismaticMagnet HumanScale HumanCapital Human.


These are the rogue names that we mentioned in the above segments are the best names present on the internet. You all can choose your most preferred rogue names from above, and for more aptness, there are numerous categories, depending upon the genre, the likeness of the rogue names.



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