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Matthew Robbins directed the movie and Steven Spielberg was one of the producers. Brad Bird, Matthew Robbins, Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson wrote the screenplay based on Mick Garris’s story.

Faye Riley: Frank! It’s the love boat to Cuba! Shuffle board and pineapples filled with rum. You know what they do? They put paper umbrellas sticking out the top, so when it rains, it don’t thin out the liquor.

Frank Riley: Say ‘ah.’
Faye Riley: No. Muriel and I say ‘frohhg.’
Frank Riley: Okay, say ‘frohhg.’

Marisa Esteval: Someone was in my room.
Mason Baylor: Yeah, me too. I think we got elves.

Faye Riley: Who in his right mind stands in a puddle and sticks a fork in a wall socket?

Faye Riley: They’re the fix-its. They like to fix things. They have that knack.

Mason Baylor: [on the phone] Well, they’re robots, right? They’re autogiros or smart bombs. They’re microchip hovercraft.
Frank Riley: They’re spaceships. You can tell by lookin’ at them.
Marisa Esteval: Spaceships?
Frank Riley: Sure, from a very small planet. Very small.

Faye Riley: Bobby.
Carlos: Hey, lady, my name’s not Bobby.
Faye Riley: Oh, excuse me. Robert. Um, Mr. B.

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Marisa Esteval: Maybe this is all a dream.
Mason Baylor: If this is a dream, which one of us is having it?
Frank Riley: Don’t look at me. I stopped dreaming a long time ago.

Frank Riley: The quickest way to end a miracle is to ask it why it is or what it wants.

Faye Riley: What is your name, dear?
Marisa Esteval: Marisa.
Faye Riley: Marisa. Boy, my memory. It’s like the Navy – coming and going, coming and going.

Benny: Look out. Flying pot. Ghost in the garbage!
Carlos: Shut up, Benny.
Benny: Mama’s whole kitchen coming to get you.

Marisa Esteval: Are you superstitious?
Mason Baylor: I’m getting there.

Mason Baylor: I make a very artistic cup of coffee.

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Marisa Esteval: It happened.
Faye Riley: I’m a grandmother.
Frank Riley: It’s twins! This calls for cigars. You got any cigars?
Mason Baylor: Cigars?!? This is history! D-Do you realize what’s going on here? Machines that reproduce themselves! Spare parts with intelligence! Living hardware!

Frank Riley: I-I don’t know how you got here, or why you picked us, but… we pledge allegiance to honor and protect you…in sickness and in health…in rain and sleet…in the best of times and the worst of times…and, w-we…so help us, God!

Faye Riley: Poor little soul.
Mason Baylor: What soul? What soul? Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Riley… Mrs. Riley, it’s a chunk of metal. It’s nine ounces of canned goods, most of it from your apartment.

Mason Baylor: You don’t bury the most advanced, self-perpetuating, machine-tooled, flying clockwork known to man!

Mr. Kovacs: Is this what you’re talking about? It’s full of junk. It’s a storage shed, you idiot.
Carlos: No, it’s not. It’s full of ghosts or spirits or something. They’re just trying to make me look bad.
Mr. Kovacs: You don’t need ghosts for that, Carlos.

Faye Riley: [to Construction Worker] You wanna sleep over? Why don’t you call your mommy and tell her where you’ll be.
Gus: Um, no thanks, Mrs. Riley, I can’t tonight. [to Carlos] Hey Bobby, wanna go out and play?

Faye Riley: Whatever happened to General Eisenhower? You hardly see a word about him anymore.

Marisa Esteval: You were gone so long, I was leaving you a note.
Mason Baylor: “Dear Mason–“
Marisa Esteval: Not out loud!
Mason Baylor: That’s all it says.


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