Anyone Know This Old Science Fiction Movie?

Anyone Know This Old Science Fiction Movie?
Anyone Know This Old Science Fiction Movie?

I have been trying to identify a 1950’s (possibly early 60’s) sci-fi movie I saw with the line “Cut the histrionics, Dornheimer.” I’m pretty sure it was in black and white.

I think there were scientists on one side of a glass who could jump through it and enter an alien world. The quote comes before they are going to jump into the other world.

I don’t believe the movie is “The Human Duplicators” from
1965 even though there is a Dornheimer character.

Has anyone else stored this memory in their little grey cells or have I made this up (and used it for years)????


From SF Movie Explorers:

Your description reminded me of the movie “The Time Travelers”.

Anyone Know This Old Science Fiction Movie?

It tells a story of a group of scientists who work on the time machine, a “window” which could show past or future. While testing, they encounter some problems, and instead of just receiving a picture from another time they actually open a time portal.

It allows them to explore the Earth 100 years into the future, which leads to interesting discoveries.

It was released in 1964, but it is in color, though.

One of the scientist’s name is Dr. Erik von Steiner. However, there isn’t a character called Dornheimer in the movie and I am sorry to say, I do not remember that I came across the quote you mentioned in the movie.

If you would love to check it out here is the link where you can watch it:

Time Travelers.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep searching, maybe I find a better match.

Your quote is interesting and catchy and I would also love to know which movie is the proud owner (besides “Tiny Toon Adventures” Her Wacky Highness) – especially if it is an SF movie.

And, of course, every SF movie detective around the world can join in and help us solve the case. đŸ™‚


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