A couple of SF Movie ID Puzzlers

Couple of SF Movie ID Puzzlers
Couple of SF Movie ID Puzzlers

The first was one I saw as a young child. The local university has a “mini-university” program for children in the summer, and I was enrolled in it as a kid — late ’80s this would have been, or very early ’90s.

The university students in charge of the program didn’t know what to do with a block of unscheduled time prior to parent pick-up, so they plonked us in front of a TV.

I remember people shooting beams from small crystals, about the size of a hand, that they’d hold in their palm. They were being chased, perhaps persecuted, or something — my memory is kind of fuzzy on this point — and were trying to hide, I think. That’s as much as I can remember.

Couple of SF Movie ID Puzzlers
A couple of SF Movie ID Puzzlers

The second is a movie or show or maybe even a radio program from which a sound clip was taken by Verbrilli Sound in their song Descender. I’ve tried various Google searches in vain. Here’s a transcription of the text from the song:

Any answers or hints greatly appreciated. 🙂

From SF Movie Explorers:

Interesting science fiction movie puzzlers, indeed! 🙂

The weapon you described in the first part of your message bears some similarities to the Minbari weapon in the Babylon 5 series, first season episode 17 titled Legacies. It was released in 1994. If it’s not a match, we’ll search for some more. 🙂

Sorry to say, but the dialog you sent us did not ring any bells. So, after some research, we figured we’d best ask the author himself. Unfortunately, Mr. Verbrilli’s response hasn’t come in yet.


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